Army of Few

33 West St, Bristol
Our open studio, collaborative visual space and shop in Bristol's Old Market Quarter.
  • About Project
  • Ever bought music you’d never heard on the strength of the artwork, or went to a rave because you liked the look of the flyer? Artwork in music is as important now as it ever has been, The visual representation of an audial sensation. Over fifty percent of music and almost all event marketing nowadays is consumed digitally. While most music releases, shows and events still have considered and expertly commissioned campaign visuals spanning across a range of mediums, the quality of artwork in music hasn’t been compromised, but the size you view it, in most cases, has. After all, it’s still the first thing you see. Army of Few is first and foremost a design studio, home to our small but potent band of multi-disciplined music creatives. It’s also an open collaborative space for artists and collectives to express the visual representation of their music for what it is… Art. Over the coming months we will be curating a series of bespoke contemporary music visual installations in an intimate space, across a multitude of genres, spanning across music campaign artwork, marketing and photography.
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