Frank Turner

Be More Kind
Album campaign for singer song writer Frank Turner's seventh studio album
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  • Creative Direction, Design & Illustration
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  • The concept behind the music is the idea of ‘being kinder to one another’, recognising that we all have a connection at some level, which should be recognised and celebrated much more than what seems to be ignored in this current climate.
    With this in mind the first creative hurdle was trying to find a way of representing our connection to one another through a simple visual component. For this it was decided that a single line was the perfect portrayal of the music's content. Each illustration was drawn by not lifting the pencil off the page, in one go, and if it wasn't right, it would be done again from scratch.
    The single line simply connects A - B, you and I or even going full circle. This direction would really compliment the ideas behind Frank's music. Emphasise the notion of "being more kind', to highlight the fact that we are all connected to one another in some way and we should recognise this by being a little bit nicer to each other.
    The campaign amounted to a vast array of formats including, a Box Set including 12 & 7 inch Vinyls, 13 Illustrated Art Cards and a Challenge Coin. CD (album & tour editions), Cassette and an extensive outdoor poster campaign.